#8: UX Career: What I am changing in 2021, and What makes a good designer?

🎉 Happy New Year!

A lot has been said about the previous year and how bizarre the current times are. I got tired of all the new year resolutions and do more retrospective “analysis” of the accomplishments and good stuff. This time, we did a lean version of this together as a family. Helped us remember and appreciate what we have and what happened to us in 2020. And actually, last year was very productive for us and full of great things, many of which we have already forgotten.

So, even though, 2020 was ridiculous from the beginning, I am sure you also have a lot to be thankful for. Do yourself a favour and sit down for 30 minutes to recollect and write down all the good things that 2020 brought you. Appreciate what you have.

What I am changing in 2021

At the end of December, I asked for your feedback on the newsletter and the format/content (I'd noticed some trends and wanted to get your input to confirm my thoughts on the increasing length and wordiness). A few of you were kind enough to share your thoughts and I appreciate this. Based on your feedback and my vision for UX Career, I decided to make some changes:

  • Shorter newsletter. I will stop putting so much text into the emails directly and instead use excerpts from my writings so that you can get a high-level idea of what this is about before decided if you want to read more.

  • Simplified structure. I am making other sections optional, and not every newsletter issue will have it. I will share top finds only if I think I should and have something to say about the topic, and not just because I need to fill these slots for the next newsletter.

  • Focus on your questions. For the next few months, each issue will be focusing on a single question from the audience. I have a couple of dozens of questions already and will be choosing one from the list and sharing my perspective on it. You can see the current list and send me your questions here.

  • New channels. I am determined to add other formats of content, particularly videos and a podcast. Knowing how much extra effort this will add to my already over-loaded to-do list, I am still thinking through the strategy and define the next steps. So… not right now, but soon.

  • UX Career website. Probably, the biggest change is that I am reviving the website that will host all my writings, resources, tools, and everything else that I think can help you get hired in UX on the main website. This will be the main hub.

    Visit UX Career website

What makes a good designer?

There are a gazillion articles trying to answer this question. Of course, as usual, the context and specifics of a particular role or company may be more nuanced, but in general, this is my list of expectations:

  • Empathy

  • Communication

  • Always learning

  • Know the process and foundations

  • Prioritize better designs over being right

  • Question assumptions

  • Adaptive and collaborative

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Disclaimer: All opinions are my own, just sharing my thoughts and takeaways. They don’t represent any of my current or previous employers’.

Photo Credit: Alina Blumberg from Pexels.