#10: New cadence and a video portfolio review experiment

Update (on cadence)

I decided to reduce the frequency of these emails, have a feeling there is growing global newsletter fatigue. Also, have to prioritize my side project for the next big launch, so less time for writing on UX Career. Will revisit the cadence question in a couple of months.

Video Portfolio Review Experiment

In an attempt to find a more efficient way to provide value and share my thoughts, I decided to try an experiment. I am starting to accept requests for portfolio reviews. BUT there is a catch. The review will be 5 minutes long, it will be recorded as a video/screencast, AND the resulting video will be published online, so somebody else may learn something from my feedback. The links to those video recordings will be posted on UX Career website, included in the newsletter, and likely added to the UX Career youtube channel. You can submit your request using the button below. Let’s see how this experiment plays out 😎

Request Portfolio Review

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. They don’t represent any of my current or previous employers’ positions.

Photo Credit: Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash