#18: Q&A with Jaybe Allanson, The Tail End


  • Celebrating my son’s birthday, so skipping the Cognitive Biases and Accessibility sections this weekend #familytime.

  • Started my Accessibility training, will begin sharing key takeaways in the next issue.

  • Cooking up something interesting for junior designers with the purpose of helping them get hired in UX. The announcement is coming soon.

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Episode #3: Q&A with Jaybe Allanson

Jaybe is a senior design leader with over 25 years of experience building products and services and leading teams. This is an episode from the “Q&A With Design Managers” series.
Jaybe shares his story of becoming a design leader, gives advice on how to stand out from others and the common mistakes he sees in applications and portfolios. He also shares excellent insights on what hiring managers find important and how they think. Also, we talk about empathy-building as one of the key activities that will be hard to automate, why companies are not rushing to hire junior designers, and a lot more.

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A few years ago, I read an interesting article that illustrated how short life is. It changed my life. It changed my perspective on many things, including worrying less about different life events, setting my priorities in life, and respecting my time more. This shift caused me to reframe my attitude towards jobs and employment. I realized that my life was too short to be unhappy at a job and that nobody else but me will protect my own sanity. This sounds very logical, but it didn’t click with me until I read that article illustrating the span of a human’s life in a way that was easier to understand.

Now, there is a video, explaining this reality. Being reminded of how few days you have left with your parents (especially, when you live thousands of km away) makes me feel very sad 😔.

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