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The “Who”

My name is Kirill Vechtomov, I am a UX designer, living in Vancouver 🇨🇦. My not-so-conventional journey (both in life and career) has helped me learn a lot of lessons (usually, through mistakes 🙃), and I will be sharing them with you. I have been designing digital experiences since 2003. Worked with startups and big corporations, in-house, agency, freelance, you name it. Experimented and failed with a few of my own side projects. And these failures taught me some unique lessons, sometimes, painful lessons, but nevertheless… This is my way of learning. This is my path.

The “Why”

In the last few years, I have been sharing my thoughts and opinions with many other UX designers. It feels very satisfying and fulfilling and I want to help more people. Sadly, individual conversations are hard to scale and I hit my limit quite quickly. With this newsletter, I will be able to scale my impact.

The “What”

Update for the next few months: every 1-2 weeks I am writing about cognitive biases and what psychological nuances you should keep in mind when designing experiences for humans. Occasionally, I will be experimenting with some additional sections.

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